Hey lovelies

First of all i just want to say goodluck to everyone fighting deadlines and taking exams. It will be worth it in the end , keeping working hard because you will get to spend your summer knowing you did the best you could. Speaking of summer it’s almost here and i can’t even contain my excitement. Like everyone else i love summer because of the weather, the clothes , adventures and the good times.If you are looking for places to visit this summer in London , my list will definitely keep you and your friends occupied this summer.

Below are a few of my favourite places I suggest you should definitely check out.

Sky garden .If you want  a 360 view of London for free , its the place to go.

Sky Garden Events 29th April - 2MB10

Art Galleries. Saatchi gallery, Tate Morden, The National Gallery and White Chapel Gallery.


Rooftop restaurants like Queen of Hoxton, The Golden Bee and Boundary Rooftop.


Palaces : Kensington and Hampton Court.


Little Venice.


Areas that you should definitely visit and always have something going on. Shoreditch and Camden.


The Shard.


For directions use google maps or city mapper. Hope you all have a great and memorable summer

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1.Wake up earlier. Not only does this improve productivity but it also gives you more time to make a good breakfast.

2. If you want, spend a little more time on your appearance. Take some time choosing an outfit, applying make up or whatever. Do what helps you boost your confidence and self-esteem.

3. Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

4. Compliment at least one person per day. This could be a class mate, stranger, whoever!

5. Be optimistic. Always look at the positive side. There’s no point on focusing on the negatives because that isn’t going to help anyones mood at all

6. Try and learn something new everyday. This can either be an interesting fact you saw online or a new skill someone taught you.

7. Stop procrastinating. No matter how unmotivated you are to, push yourself and complete what you need to complete. Do what you gotta do. You know you’ll love yourself for doing it.

8. Create a playlist consisting of songs that make you happy and listen to it. Listen to songs for the mood you want to be in, instead of the mood you are in.

9. Make time to do things that help you relax, whether that’s painting, having baths, doing your nails or going for a run.

10. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, but instead grow and learn from them and lastly, be kind to yourself. If you love who you are, everyone else will.




Hey guys, I’m starting a new series called “Young Creatives in London” where I will be interviewing creative students in London to find out about their dreams, aspirations and what they get to on daily basis. This new series will also include pictures of them photographed by me.

This week I met up with my good friend Zarina Yu, who is a Fashion Promotion student at Ravensbourne. Originally from Hong Kong and currently working towards to be a marketer and a photographer. Read the interview Below

Zarina Yu

What inspires your day to day outfits?

Depends on my mood, mostly monochrome colours but sometimes with a bit of pink. 85 % of my clothing are black , white, navy, grey and 5% are pink. I find simple colours beautiful.I like to wear comfy clothing.

Tell us about your obsession with pink?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to have a pink kitchen and since then I started collecting pink stuff , like bottles , laptop covers and clothing.

 Favourite brand? 

Cos because it has all the monochrome colours and simply cutting.


Flats or heels?

Flats deffo because I can’t walk in heels, they are more comfortable and you can style them with anything from jeans to trousers literally anything.

Favourite thing you like about London?

Fish and chips and the green place because in Hong Kong we don’t get to step on the parks because most of it is artificial.

Winter / summer?

Summer that’s not too hot because I can’t survive in hot weather.

style inspo? 

I follow a lot of american korean bloggers, I like Korean fashion.
Check out Zarina’s blog here :Zarinarave



Design Butler

During the Easter holidays , I had the chance to go check out a self-funded exhibition by the 21 year old illustrator Design Butler who is also from Ravensbourne University. The art exhibition took place on Brick Lane in Shoreditch where all the creatives go seeking for inspiration ( I say good choice of location).The project titled REPLICA showcased a series of illustrations of beautiful  women who he’s majorly inspired by , 20 casted white cans and  NMD Adidas shoes that was made out of concrete.

What caught my eye about the exhibition besides the stunning illustrations  was the abundance of white , the floor , the ceiling and the walls. As soon as you get inside the door of the exhibition, the floor was filled with white balloons which ended up flooding a part of  the street and luckily the staff were there to rescue them. When I was walking through the balloons ,I felt like a child again but  had the fear of being the first one to pop the balloon.

People had the chance to meet Tej Adenuga (Design Butler ), ask him any questions and also take pictures. Overall, this was a fun  and inspirational exhibition  for me as young person. I felt like the world was my oyster and i could do anything after seeing his success. Check out his work on  instagram and also the collection is now available to purchase.

I vlogged the experience if you want to check that out:)  the video is below.                                         Thanks guys.