Solange can sing, write,  she’s a model, an actress, a mother and man can she dress. She’s the queen of colour-blocking. I don’t know anybody who better matches colours that wherever meant to be like her. From orange turtleneck under cobalt blue coat with pink pumps. Grape and lime green. She takes the idea of “mix and match” to a whole new level. Her eye-catching colours, big hair and bold prints are all blended together to create an effortless combination of a cool girl and a traveler.

I’m no Solange but i share and respect her love for making a personal statement whenever she’s out in public. When it comes to fashion, she is a work of art.


Here are my 5 tips to emulate her style

  1. Don’t be afraid of colour: Brights with neutrals. Try to pair colours that you haven’t before — Purple with yellow or hot pick with orange.
  2. Wear tons of patterns and mix them.
  3. Pants are optional. Shorts , skirts and dresses are not.
  4. Vary heels and flats. Have fun with chunky wedges, strappy sandals and pointed kitten heels.
  5. When in doubt , try menswear. You know what that means blazers and trousers.



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