Ngadi, Zarina and I collaborated with the editor of Fat Lip magazine, Elli Weir to help style her gold editorial shoot for the magazine. Everything on this shoot was based on the colour gold from the make up to the clothes. The shoot happened in March , so it was really hard to get gold clothing but luckily we managed to get everything from H&M. We wanted to keep the styling really simple because gold is a strong colour we didn’t want it to be too over powering.We also kept the colour palettes simple on each shot because simplicity always win. As for the make up, we decide to go for gold lips and a bronzed look to balance everything out. This shoot was really fun to style because it was all positive vibes on set and we all worked together as a team to create such great imagery. I hope you guys like them as much as I do.

IMG_9771 2

IMG_9680 2
Photographer : Sydnie Kelly | Stylist : Zarina and I | Make up : Ngadi

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