1. Being irresponsible with money. During my  first term of University I have no idea what I spent my money on. For people like me, saving is always a good idea.
  2. Worrying about what other people think. I wasted a lot of time and energy caring about what others think , but later on I realised it rarely matters and I simply don’t have time for this.
  3. Not getting out of bad relationships. This drained my energy and had a negative impact on my self esteem.All I can say is invest your emotional energy in people who treat you well.
  4. Perming my hair. Perming is using chemicals to straighten your natural hair .At this stage I am transitioning back to my natural afro and it’s probably the best decision I made this year so far.
  5. Proscanating. This led me to leaving my work till the last minute and not producing work to my best ability.I have to say this term there’s no time for that I learnt my lesson.
  6. Not taking care of my body. Since I was young I never really cared about eating healthy or anything because I had a fast metabolism.But at the age of 15 it finally caught up to me and  it was hard to drop my eating habits and treat my body right.
  7. Moving to Farndale. Farndale is a  where I currently live right now and i’m grateful for the friendships that i’ve made. But since it’s a student accommodation not everyone is going to be as hygienic as you are , let’s just say I don’t enjoy cooking in kitchen with dirty dishes that are a week old.
  8. Too trusting. Sometimes i’m glad we go through the highs and lows in our lifes because in the end we learn something from it. Trust no bitch is my advice to everyone.
  9. Letting friends slip away. Sometimes we forget to invest the time to be a friend to keep a friend. Something I probably should have done. It’s not always about what you want to talk about; call a friend and make sure he or she doesn’t need an ear.
  10. Putting pressure on myself . We got all different kinds of pressure on us kids from society , parents , teachers.The “shoulds” have been holding me back and I advice everyone to free themselves from these society expectations and enjoy your life – the way it is right now.

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