Our shoot with Isabell Giardini and Jade Hobday proves that streetwear looks better on Women. As you all know I am currently working with my lovely team to create the Girls AW 16/17  Edition of Juicebox Magazine.The concept for this shoot was about the impact that females have on streetwear.

The main influences for street wear being male dominated, mean the women who wear into those things just wore the same stuff as the guys.Through the likes of celebrities, influencers, artists and other talents, women’s presence in streetwear was becoming more prominent, and brands started to adjust to the ever increasing presence.Women and femininity play a massive role in the streetwear game and this shoot speaks for itself. Stay tuned for the final images , but at the moment you can take a look at the few behind the scenes images I managed to capture with my phone.

Styled by myself and Cristina

These are mixed pieces from the likes of Palace and Vans , which the models makes look effortless.


Photographer: Hanina

Art direction: Lottie

Stylists : Angel and Cristina


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