Hey guys, I’m starting a new series called “Young Creatives in London” where I will be interviewing creative students in London to find out about their dreams, aspirations and what they get to on daily basis. This new series will also include pictures of them photographed by me.

This week I met up with my good friend Zarina Yu, who is a Fashion Promotion student at Ravensbourne. Originally from Hong Kong and currently working towards to be a marketer and a photographer. Read the interview Below

Zarina Yu

What inspires your day to day outfits?

Depends on my mood, mostly monochrome colours but sometimes with a bit of pink. 85 % of my clothing are black , white, navy, grey and 5% are pink. I find simple colours beautiful.I like to wear comfy clothing.

Tell us about your obsession with pink?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to have a pink kitchen and since then I started collecting pink stuff , like bottles , laptop covers and clothing.

 Favourite brand? 

Cos because it has all the monochrome colours and simply cutting.


Flats or heels?

Flats deffo because I can’t walk in heels, they are more comfortable and you can style them with anything from jeans to trousers literally anything.

Favourite thing you like about London?

Fish and chips and the green place because in Hong Kong we don’t get to step on the parks because most of it is artificial.

Winter / summer?

Summer that’s not too hot because I can’t survive in hot weather.

style inspo? 

I follow a lot of american korean bloggers, I like Korean fashion.
Check out Zarina’s blog here :Zarinarave


  1. purplemoonlt

    ”Since i was a little girl i’ve always wanted to have pink kitchen and since then i started calling pink stuff , like bottles , laptop covers and clothing”. Wonderful! I’m feeling the same about purples and violets.

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